Escape Woods2

This is the artea i will explain what we have to offer and the rules you must Obide by.

Escape Woods Plaza SUEDLAND has been upgraded from Mature rating to Adult rating, therefore Child avatars are no longer allowed here.

I reserve the Right to Refuse Service. This means i Reserve the Right to Deny you rental to the shops and AD Boards if you are someone I Do not trust. I reserve The right to eject you out of the group if you are not a tenant (see Escape woods arena Group description). I reserve the Right to copy all conversation to me and send it into LL if i feel Assaulted or harassed. 

Nice cheap Low rent with a decent amount of prims. Just rent and join Land group and start rezzing things. Any issues you may have contact me.

Shops are 50L$ - 100L$ a week for 25 prims - 50 prims

If you want more prims that is 2L$ more per prim.

Escape woods Plaza 2 is accessible via teleport pad.

Leave me a Notecard  if im not around or off line. You can visit my home and put a notecard into the mail box at Escape woods Plaza located in front of the entrance or you can go to my home.

Group is open join

Group name is Escape Woods Arena.

Anyone not renting from us will be Ejected ASAP. The land has a 2 min auto return setting so u can rez if u want. Just do it at your own risk!

Full Region Sim 8028m Area

Shop Rules: Please make sure you stay inside your shops no rezzing objects on the outside or on the outside walls. NO ATM type machines allowed i will return those right away. If you do not agree with these rules then u may go elsewhere.

We do not allow any items from Linden Gold Hunter inside the Escape Woods Property Line.

Which means:

No Fish Hunt

No Gold Hunt

No Second Ads

No Job Fox

No Shubbies

No Farming Frenzy

Nothing Related, Made or sold by Wili Clip.

I have a No Refund policy for rule breakers


Use the ad boards  over at the Lobby & on the wall over at area 2 near the entrance to advertise your services. 

Please keep in mind i do not allow escort advertising in this area.

If I am offline and you want to advertise & if the board breaks for some ungodly reason, please go to my mailbox and drop me a NoteCard or go to my home.  I will not accept anything handed to me when im offline if im in busy mode please do the same thing.

Things To do:

We offer Rise Star Hunt Bletaverse taffic cones, & as well as Bletaverse coins. Search throughout the entire area. there might be a hidden Gem among these coins!

If your an advertiser and wish to rez a Badge or a jewel feel free to do so. But please let me know

If your selling products and want a Rise Star Hunt badge or Jewel  in your shop let me know and ill rez one for you, or you can rez it yourself.

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