Welcome to the Escape Woods WikiEdit

This Wikia will explain what I have and how to get around my Mini-mall.

Escape Woods Plaza

Please click the Fallowing link for what we offer and the rules we have. (RULES HAVE BEEN UPDATED!)


Please click the Fallowing link to Player vs Player.

Player vs Player

Escape Woods PlazaEdit

Here is where I have the first set of shops. I will show you the 4 locations to get to the second floor and also the locations to the East & West Teleport Pads to Quickly Zip across the mall.

I have elevators in the 4 corners of the Land Parcel. Each Corner has away to get up and down to save you time on walking. East and west Teleport Pads are on the upper level and are in the middle next to the Railing. There is a Hover Text Labling them.

Snapshot 002

Tp to 2nd floor

This Photo Here shows where one of the portals are. This is Right next to the Lobby. If you look at the Map Above its the Red dot in the Upper Left Hand corner of the Rectangular Looking map. There is another Teleporter Just like it on the Lower Right hand Corner of the Map. The locations are as applied:

Lobby, Fishing, Southend, ShoutCast

Getting Around Escape Woods PlazaEdit

In this section I will show you how to Get around.

Snapshot 008
This Teleport Looks EXACTLY like the teleporters that go to the Second Floor. However they are on a seperate channel.

The label on the drop down menu for this one is Lobby.

This is where our Simopolis is.

Snapshot 012
There is another one infront of the fishing pond on the opposite side of Escape Woods Plaza. 

The Label for this one on the Drop down menu is Fishing.

Snapshot 009
Basicly You sit on the Glowing Light and a Drop down menu appears.

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