Player vs Player is a currently Only in the Final Fantasy sim of Midgar.What i do is try to help people find a pvp match. This is also a great way for new comers of the sim to also get accounted with the battle system.

PVP Terms of ServiceEdit

Once you have applied, you have agreed to the fact that you will be randomly matched with someone. Any complaining about this will result in your application becoming invalid.

Please Do not alter the application form. Only fill in the required areas below the Line.

Rulesand RegulationsEdit

Here are the fallowing Rules and Regulations for being a Player in Player Vs Player.

1. Be respectful to your opponent. Show some good sportsmanship.

2. No Name calling.

3. Fallow Sim rules.

4.Try to use a turn based fighting system just like in final fantasy games. (not inforced)

Rule violators will be banned from the store for 1 month. Repeat offenders will be reported to a GM.

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